God’s Glory

We want our lives to point toward a good God who offers us the free gift of salvation.  We want our meetings and relationships to do the same so we seek to make Jesus the center of everything.

God’s Grace

We know that our only hope is the work of Jesus at the cross.  We depend fully on Him and we want to grow in offering grace to everyone.

God’s Word

We take the Bible very seriously.  We seek to understand what it meant when it was written and we humbly ask the Spirit to help us apply those principles to our lives and culture today.


We are on a journey of faith.  We do not settle for the place we are today but continue to make our lives available to the Spirit to change us more into the likeness of Jesus. 


We avoid isolation as a trick of the enemy and instead we strive for authentic fellowship with other struggling followers.  Consequently, we share burdens, celebrate victories, laugh, cry, fight, and forgive one another.


We see that God has given us unity with other believers from any church that is seeking to follow Christ.  With gratitude we do all we can to maintain the unity of the Spirit with them and each other.

Using our gifts

We are convinced that God has prepared good works for us to do.  We seek to use our gifts each day because we believe that we were created for something bigger than ourselves…the Kingdom. 


We are led by elders/shepherds at Gateway who set the direction for our church.  Those who place membership at Gateway are placed in a “shepherding group”.  This serves to keep us connected and caring for our church family.  “Ministry Leaders” are the servants who do many jobs that keep us loving each other and serving our community.

Worship Gatherings

We have experienced great joy in living for God and so we get together regularly to worship him and celebrate his goodness.  When you join us on a Sunday morning you will notice a few things that are important to us:


You will find that we share the Lord’s Supper every week.  We have adopted this tradition because we see an example of Christ followers gathering for this meal on the first day of the week in Acts 20.  We also believe that Jesus gives us the freedom to do so when he says “do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me”. 


You will see that we have a baptistry that we use any time a believer is ready to take that step of faith.  We believe that baptism is a re-enactment of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus to show that our hope is in his finished work at the cross.  We claim at least two promises when we baptize a believer; the forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit.


You will hear that our worship is “a cappella” (voices only, no instruments).  Many of us at Gateway grew up with this type of singing and we prefer this tradition which emphasizes the words that we are singing from our hearts.  We also make opportunities for gifted musicians to use their talents in special worship services throughout the year.  Examples have included Christmas Eve Service, Good Friday Service and Community Communion Service.


We love having a building full of children at Gateway.  Their energy and enthusiasm are a blessing.  They remind us that Jesus said “unless you become like one of these children you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Their dependence on us is a picture of our dependence on Him.  Our goal at Gateway is for your children to be safe, to have fun, to be loved unconditionally, to learn about the Bible and most of all to get to know Jesus Christ.


You will experience a family of Christians who believe that God hears our prayers and He still acts powerfully.  Men lead our community in prayers every Sunday.  Every few weeks we offer a prayer ministry time for anyone to ask for individual prayers about anything that is a concern or praise.  Men and women offer prayers for the persons who ask.